We are successfully running our business with team efforts and cooperation. We have satisfied every customer with our best services and better quality of products compared to the market. We have flourished our business over the globe in last few years. we deals in Casual, Formal, Party Wear, Ocaasional Shirts, Trousers, Blazers, etc. Know more about our quality and services just contact us.

What We Do??

Manufactures casual shirts of fine and good quality for customer relevance.

Casuals, Occasional, Formal all are manufactured by us since 1990. SH-RIFF deals in good and better Quality.

We also Manufacture Blazers and Trousers since 2002. We are successfully running our business.

SH-RIFF now is a completely lifestyle brand and with the infusion of the retail stores in different locations the growth of company has become doubled.


We Are SH-RIFF since 1985. We Have Our Manufacturing unit in Howrah (West Bengal), the Brand Have been steadily expanding and growing their customer base over the past years. The Journey than began and there was no looking back. We started manufacturing casual shirts in 1990.